Connectors for Solar Multi-Contact Connectors
44.0096 - Multi-Contact Female (+) 32.0056P0001 / PV-ADBP4/6
Bulk Head Female Connector

Price: $2.99 / Each

Product Specs

Multi-Contact, MC4 panel mount Connector for #10/12 AWG wire, Female (+), PV-ADBP4/6, 32.0056P0001

MC4 panel-receptacle connectors are the interface between an inverter or junction box or junction and a branch cable

Mounting directly by means of screw thread or in perforated plate with locknut (included in delivery)

Rapid, precise plugging

Protection class IP67 guarantees the highest connection safety

Mating compatibility with MC4

Rated Voltage = 1000V DC (IEC) & 600V DC (UL).

Rated current IEC (90C) = 30A (4mm, 6mm, 10 AWG).

Test voltage = 6kV (50Hz, 1min.)

Ambient temperature range =  -40 C...+90 C (IEC) & -40 C...+ 75 C.

Upper limiting temperature = 105C (IEC)

Overvoltage category / Pollution degree = CATIII / 3

Contact resistance of plug connectors = 0,35mO

Safety class = II

Flame class = UL94-V0

Ammonia resistance = 1500h, 70 C / 70% RH, 750ppm

Salt mist spray test degree of severity 6 = EC 60068-2-52


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