Cable Strippers
for PV cable applications
Unlike other strippers that only cut insulation parti ally and tear the rest, this Rennsteig stripper cuts the insulation around the entire circumference of the wire, and then pulls it gently off the end. There is never any damage to the leads. Replaceable stripping blades let you configure the stripper to your needs. When the lades wear out, you can replace them without needing to get a new stripper - for significant savings. for two-stage stripping action specialized tool with length stop, for precise stripping and dismantling of single and multi-strand cables no pinching or deformation of cable ends interchangable blades for different wire gauges Custom blade design upon request Burnished finish, ergonomically designed two-component handles solid construction, easy to handle Made in Germany - made by Rennsteig
Solar Tools Cable Strippers

Rennsteig Insulation Stripper AWG Cable
R607-212-3 - Rennsteig Insulation Stripper AWG Cable
(part# R607-212-3)
Price: $109.02

Rennsteig Insulation Stripper Solar  Cable
R607-226-16-RT - Rennsteig Insulation Stripper Solar Cable
(part# R607-226-16-RT)
Price: $116.61

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