A View of a solar array on the warehouse roof at PV-CablesPV-Cables, established in the spring of 2010, provides an essential element of the growing renewable energy industry. The two founders of the company, Charlie Wilson and Bryan Norkunas, have over 50 years experience in the renewable energy industry.

We create custom cables to customer specification, in a variety of lengths. We are currently assembling product using Multi-Contact, Tyco, Amphenol, and other name brand connectors. Other connector systems will be added as they become adopted by the industry. We use only the connectors that the module manufacturers specify and do not use cheaper imitations that are supposedly compatible.  In addition to PV output cables, we also offer custom assembled battery and inverter cables that meet UL requirements.  

When PV modules started coming up with specialized cables attached at the factory instead of just a junction box, this change required cables that would mate to the modules directly. We also make adapters that go from one type of connector system to another.

Because PV-Cables is not a large company trying to cover many bases, we feel we can give below-average prices with above-average service.

If there is going to be a problem meeting your crucial deadline, we advise you before you place the order rather than assure you that meeting your schedule is a sure thing. We would rather lose a sale than cause our customers missed-deadline nightmares.

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Our Logo

Some of you may be thinking that our business logo looks familiar...

Old LogoThe sun and fist design was created by Cietha Wood Wilson for Alternative Energy Engineering in 1981. Around 2003, when Alternative Energy became AEE Solar and the old logo was retired from use, the artist retained copyright ownership of the design. 

When we started our business in 2010 we obtained permission from the artist to use her work as the basis for our own logo. We are carrying on the tradition of helping people harvest the power of the sun and we thank Ms. Wilson very much for her generosity in allowing us to use her design.  Below is a link to Wilson Portrait Art  http://www.wilsonportraitart.com/


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