SMK Connectors
Easy snap-lock mating system for quick field or factory assembly. IP67 class sealing protection against dust and water. UL and TUV (DIN-EN) approved. Meets NEC2008 standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. Long-term UV and ozone resistance.
Connectors for Solar SMK Connectors

SMK MALE CCT9901-2353FSZ/CTA9111-0101F
11.1001 - SMK MALE CCT9901-2353FSZ/CTA9111-0101F
SMK Male Connector
Price: $1.49

SMK Female CCT9901-2453FSZ/CTA9111-0201F
11.1003 - SMK Female CCT9901-2453FSZ/CTA9111-0201F
SMK Female Connector
Price: $1.49

SMK Removal Key / 306CCT-003-01F
11.0000 - SMK Removal Key / 306CCT-003-01F
Used to disconnect SMK connectors.
Price: $4.99

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